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I recently scaled up a method that involved using apps to make money. Now this is a case study i did and only ran the campaign for a couple of days to show that you can optimize a campaign to profitability in a couple days by watching every detail in your campaign every day. I hope I can bring alot of value to YOU the reader because I teach the way I wanted to be taught.


Here’s my results after starting a campaign in the blind and optimizing it accordingly……  NOTE: This is not about the $$$ It is about you learning how to OPTIMIZE a mobile ad. In this example I use “Mobpartner’s” apps to make money online. Enjoy this in depth Case Study and I hope it helps you succeed using this mobile media buying method!

BuzzCity Network   Advertiser   SettingsMobPartner  case study-logo

    apps to make money

From as long as I’ve been marketing online I have been a fan of using apps to make money online or anything dealing with mobile for that matter. Everyone is on their mobile phone or device everyday. I used to think that media buying and learning PPC were the last things I would bother with, but it seems I was wrong. Media buying can work out great if you know what you are doing.


[kc_font_pac_2_font_12 size=”48″ color=”#000000″]So here is my strategy laid out for you so you can go out there and dominate by following my mobile PPC strategy to the letter[/kc_font_pac_2_font_12]

 As you can see above for this example I use Mobpartner as my “mobile affiliate source” and Buzzcity as my “mobile Traffic source for my apps to make money online. Now, Buzzcity is known for some good quality “asian” mobile traffic. I learned this by simply “Googling Buzzcity” and you should do the same.

Remember, once you know your traffic source you’ll be more effective in picking out offers that fit the traffic and optimizing your campaigns. I like using apps to make money because I know that there are over a gazillion apps being downloaded around the clock factually! Why not take home my percentage!

I was able to make $97.11USD using apps to make money by simply setting up a mobile ad and optimizing:


First of all Notice Below, That I spent 4.46 cents and the ad was seen 45,073 Times on a phone or app. Second I had 223 clicks on my ad banner!! In 1 Day! Any campaign you  do will “LOSE” before it will “WIN” meaning that you must sacrifice a couple of dollars to test. But, with Buzzcity’s massive moblie traffic you could have good data to start testing with in 1 day!

Look at the pic below… I spent 4.46 to make 3.85. Backwards you think? No way! That just proves that conversions are happening meaning that the offer is profitable and scaleable with some tweaks to the initial ad itself.

BuzzCity ss 2

After tweaking and optimizing ad—> results for THE NEXT DAY!

[instant_graphic id=”arrow19″ type=”arrows” align=”center” width=”200px” top=”0px” bottom=”0px” left=”0px” right=”0px”][/instant_graphic]

BuzzCity SS 1

You can see above that for your apps to make money you must make more than you spend. This can be considered a “winning campaign.”  Now that you see what I am saying about knowing how to optimize a campaign,

[kc_heading_pac_19_background_2][kc_heading_pac_19_font_2 size=”43″ color=”#000000″ ] Let me show you how you get to this point![/kc_heading_pac_19_font_2][/kc_heading_pac_19_background_2]

Choosing Which Apps To Make Money With

MobPartner  case study ss- top

MobPartner - Global Mobile Performance Network

On Mobpartner you have a great variety of apps to make money online with by simply promoting them. This is a mobile ad network ONLY! They are a very reputable source and i suggest you signing up above if you haven’t. For a newbie to mobile PPC or PPC period I would only choose apps that have narrowed targeting options so that you have a “starting point” for your ad.

MobPartner   ss 6

MobPartner   ss 4


MobPartner -targetingWhat you see are “Targeting Tips” for the offer “Mozook” above.  Mozook  is a mobile entertainment offer targeted towards Asian Cities listed above. Mobpartner does a great job at picking advertisers that go above and beyond to aid their affiliates with data to make promoting their apps easier. When picking your offer always have this in mind.

– “Will the offer fit with this traffic sources traffic?”

You will determine this by testing the traffic sources traffic by running your ad for a day with the minimum budget to see If you are getting conversions as mobile impressions come in so quickly that you could determine if an offer is worth promoting by your 1st day data.

Mobile ad impressions happen quick, so you must watch your  campaign  closely when starting out. I simply logged into Buzzcity(mobile traffic source) and set the targeting instructions to the letter on this offer. The 3 pics above show you exactly:

Where to target your ad= According to targeting we’ll go with “Saudi Arabia” as a starting country.

What operator to use or “is allowed” for their offerMTC is said to be best converting Operator at this time by advertiser.

What action is converting best right now(so you know what action to pick starting out)It Says the “Mozook Subscription” and “Harlem Shake” are the actions we should promote at this time.

These stats come from the advertiser themselves and trust me- They know what the stats are- Follow them!


What I like best about using apps to make money online is that you don’t need a squeeze page to promote. Everything is direct linking and you can use banners which are already made for you in Mobpartner. This is really as simple as it can get to get to learning the basics of running a mobile ad campaigns.

With different traffic sources come different interfaces, but the method is the same. “Learn how to target your audience correctly with the tools provided by your traffic source” –>This strategy applies to using Buzzcity as your Traffic source.

 BuzzCity -banners

All you have to do is copy the url of the banner into the field and thats it! The banner comes up and it is off to the next step of the process!

I hope you are enjoying learning this method thus far because after you finish reading this technique you will know exactly how to start your own mobile PPC campaign the right way! Don’t forget to sign up If you don’t have a mobpartner account already! I am literally teaching you how you can use these apps to make money online today!!

BuzzCity- channel


Now Channel Targeting is determined by testing only. Always run all channels full blast at first and then you’ll have some data to help you better determine what channels to keep on and what to cut off. Obviously you would just keep on the channels that give the best conversion rates. and If you are wasting clicks with a channel simply cut it off so your impressions can happen where it matters most.

BuzzCity -timezone



SIDE NOTE: Now what you won’t see is what time you should set the ad up to show over in Saudi Arabia. No problem though, because good ole Google lets you just “Google” the term “What GMT time is it in Saudi Arabia?” You’ll get back many sites with the time it is now over there so you can set up your ads to run at the correct time to maximize getting conversions.

I suggest learning GMT time as you will need to know what GMT is and the differences in GMT Timezones. It is crucial to your success in PPC to always factor in “Time Zone Differences” when you promote apps to make money in other countries. Just “Google It” you’ll find all the info you need!

 How  To Analyze & Optimize Data

MobPartner case study ss-basic mode statistics

I have used Mobpartner’s apps to make money alot the past 3 months. Testing every aspect of my campaigns to show you what you are now learning. What you are seeing is the statistics dashboard on Mobpartner. Now you could buy imobitrax or some other statistics software but the standard one here works well for me and it’s FREE! Just learn how to use it. It is simple:

Everything is pretty self explanatory but the main fields you want to focus on are the





The reason is because they will help you narrow down what is converting and what is not. You can use this data to optimize your campaign accordingly. After a couple hours depending on when you start your campaign you should start seeing data results like this:

MobPartner  Casestudy ss 1

The section I circled is the “transaction” column. That is what this is about of course. You want your apps to make money, but in order to not spend more than you bring in like i showed in my example earlier you have to optimize this data so that you can ensure your campaign is profitable. See the “Operator” and “OS” columns?

They are showing you what operating system the phone is using and what carrier the phone is on. So, simply put If nothing but MTC is selected on Buzzcity as your target operator you would only show ads to phones with that carrier. Here we can see that a device on MTC carrier combined with a Symbian OS converts alot better than the rest. So, why not target those criteria for the ad and cut all other operators and carriers and test ad running this criteria to see if ad performance improves.

In most cases it helps, however this is only 1 piece of the puzzle.

MobPartner Case Study ss 2

The 2nd piece is now that you have the OS and Carrier down that converted best you can go deeper and see the “MODEL” and “BRAND” that is converting also. All crucial data to the success of your ad.

Note that you can access this info by using the “Postback URL” feature. Mobpartner has an in depth tutorial on this i suggest you read about here… as you can see it is essential to set this up. You need both Mobpartner + Buzzcity accounts for this to work.

Once you have thoroughly looked through this data and determined how to target your ad based on these metrics that are available to you for FREE, you’ll have alot better chance at profitability for your ad.


MobPartner case study- conversion sheet

Now this strategy should give you an overview of how you would go about using apps to make money online by way of mobile media buying. I hope I outlined everything in a simple manner that anyone can take and use right away to use Mobpartner’s apps to make money.

I am sure there are some very dilligent marketers that will take this and run with it. This is a paid mobile traffic method, so if you missed my free traffic method with instagram check that out here. I teach the way I wanted to be taught.

I learned a great deal of how to use apps to make money after stumbling upon this ebook “how to make an app and start earning in 7 days” it was only a couple dollars and made me a hell of alot more $$$ than I paid for it.

I also offer 1 on 1 coaching through my mobile app here–> You can also download it from here. It is in the Top 50 apps On Google Play right now!!

I have taught many marketers in the past and brought them up to speed on how to use apps to make money. I constantly teach new methods to my subpublishers ONLY to make sure that everyone is making $$$.  Here is a screenshot below of 1 of my affiliate panels:

MobPartner case study ss-affiliates

<——-Now here is my subpublisher report on 1 of my earlier accounts. And you can simply become 1 of my subpublishers by clicking here 

Not only do you make money off of your own apps that you promote, but for every subpublisher you bring in you make 5% off of their commissions. So for example my 28 subpublishers on this 1 account all make $250 a week promoting apps to make money online. 5% of every $250 is $12.50 x 28 which equals an extra $350.00 a week in my pocket in addition to the previous $97.11 I made promoting  my apps to make money. Take in this method and make yourself some $$$ today!!!


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