How Mitch Made Traveling the World His Job

By Crowdfire

From the Crowdfire Stories Podcast 📻

A lot of us dream of the ultimate life — getting paid to travel the world. Some people manage to make that dream a reality. When we recently met one of these people we had to find out how they did it. So, we sat down with Mitch Summers, and we didn’t hold back. We wanted to know everything — what gave him the courage to pursue such a bold journey? And how did he build the community that made this journey possible?

Mitch has made it his mission to combine his passion for travel and tech, and he’s succeeding in a big way. He’s built a massive online following and he’s on his way to a world tour. On the podcast, he tells us all about how he made it happen.

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Cara is a twenty something social media influencer and Crowdfire’s Podcast Host. She’s obsessed with travel, meeting new people, and finding the secrets to success.

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