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blog seoIm excited to be able to show you 1 of the good ways I do my blog seo over and over. I referenced this a little on my how to get backlinks page. I have found more and more people interested in making money online day after day. What does this mean for a person like me, who is included in this mass of marketers NEEDING services to effectively run their own online business. If you’ re into Affiliate Marketing or Local Marketing you NEED great SEO(search engine optimization) there’s no way around it. The whole point of me showing you how something so simple can be a business for you is so that you too will learn to “think outside of the box” because, “Creativity birth’s good ways to make money” I of all people can attest to it!




Doing Blog SEO Can Be Alot Simpler Than You Think. 


Ok I use a piece of software called the “Magic Submitter” This software “syndicates” your content(articles,blogs,videos,rss,pdfs, press releases, web 2.0 profiles, etc) to thousands of sites at the click of a button. Literally! Not to mention you can try it for like $4.95, which was 1 reason i did it.

I was actually FORCED into starting my SEO Business called “MoreThanSEO” because, i was backed up in jobs from Sure you only get $5(actually $4 cause they get $1 lol) but, fiverr has helped my blog seo income triple with constant, low cost gigs and it adds up quick trust me! I have 3 different gigs in 3 different Niches and they all have clients. and recurring ones at that 🙂 1 of them is…you guessed it! is an blog SEO gig. I quickly saw why everyone was constantly ordering gigs for the type of work i was doing. In order to get a Niche site built some companies are getting anywhere from $250(low end)- $1250 per site. Still why would i charge so much if its a specialty of mine, is it not “my” business?

Local Marketing Created Great Blog SEO Jobs For Me! And Will For You Too!


Just to start off I did a video for my Dad’s construction business website, Did On Page Optimization for it, sent backlinks on a daily basis to his video and in weeks he had an increase in business! I was told with a smile “man you are the man at blog seo” I responded, lol yes, but you are also benefiting from it! What was I going to charge? Seeing as I helped my Dad’s off-line business make more money. This certified my on-line services as a “reliable” one. Everyone asks what is seo? Plainly put all aspects of seo are necessities that are needed desperately in the online space and 1 of the most profitable If you are thinking of doing blog seo locally or globally.


3 Good Ways To Make Multiple Income Streams With Magic Submitter             good ways to make money


  • Run A Submission Service- You can charge up to $199 per to syndicate a clients video to a set # of relevant high PR sites.


  • FYI: In Affiliate Marketing you can submit the video to a number of services, BOOKMARK them, make a RSS of those links also and submit those items (Directly or in Campaign Mode) to BACKLINK your main video(on Youtube etc.) and rank the video with your Money Site url in the description! I believe I helped alot of people just now 🙂 I gave you the newbies approach!


  • Backlinking Service- There are alot of different levels to this, learn how to create your own backlinks or for clients for a service fee.


  • Using the Magic Submitter and Magic Article Rewriter together you can Spin articles! Click the word if you don’t have the rewriter, it’s amazing! I charge 2.00 per 100 words. Simply go to and make a gig like this example here: “ill spin your article sentence level for in 24hrs for $5” in the appropriate category. easy money  🙂  

Special Discount————-> Magic Submitter   <———- Get It Here

P.S. If you need the little gadget i was using to tell me EXACTLY how to do your own On page and blog seo CORRECTLY here’s a link for that below

what is seo

SEO BLOG KAHUNA <—(On Page SEO WordPress Plugin)

HMA(Hide My Ass) VPN Service<——My Special Discount For You!

Please watch the video at the top and if you think this is something you can do…click here! It works and i enjoy being able to help other businesses make money because all they do is go to their other business associates and refer you so the work keeps coming! You are here because you want to run an online business aren’t you? Im giving you a surefire way to do blog seo and build a business around it from 1 piece of software!


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