How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

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I actually learned how to make money on amazon without selling by accident. What i am going to do is outline exactly how to make money on amazon without selling and what to do step by step so you can get going with this strategy quick! Best thing is this method can not be over saturated because It relies on your determination to scale this type of campaign up. and even better guys is the point that this case study only took 3 days to complete and i only worked 1 full day driving traffic.

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You must understand that strategies change everyday but peoples habits do not. got it? As you may know Instagram is my go to platform for the majority of my marketing now that it is confirmed to have an 90 – 100% engagement ratio. That is truly awesome with facebook limitations at an all time high. I am saving you sooo much time and giving you a path to success with this! If you don’t know my story feel free to check it out here and you’ll see why i am able to come up with these strategies that can change your business online. Let’s get right into it guys.

How to Make Money On Amazon Without Selling: Step 1 (Case Study)

Learning how to make money on amazon using mobile traffic was something i have wanted to try for about a year. If people could open up entire ecommerce shops on pinterest surely it could be done using instagram for traffic. The entire world is constantly on the go and their mobile device is their 1st choice over any other device. It has been proven!


With that being said I used instagram as my traffic source and geniuslink to handle cloaking my amazon affiliate links for this campaign. Also on instagram your account will be ghosted (not able to like, comment, etc) If you have a affiliate link on your bio that has been blacklisted. Which again makes the amazon affiliate link perfect because the website is 1 of the most trusted websites in the world.

GeniusLink is not a free service. You do get the first 1k clicks free though. It is very inexpensive but essential to make the most of your traffic. The job of the geniuslink is to redirect traffic outside the United States to the correct amazon store for their country.

(Example: Customer from the UK clicks my geniuslink, they are redirected to under my affiliate ID so i get credit for any purchase made there.)



After figuring out my traffic source and how I would monetize all of my traffic It was time to pick a product. The easiest way to do this is to head over to the amazons best sellers list and check out the items that are crushing it right now. For me I genuinely liked the amazon echo, so to see it listed as a best seller made my day!

People give these items to friends and family as gifts and the commercials are mainstream meaning amazon warms up your audience for you! Now having all the pieces to the puzzle put together it was time to make my instagram account.

Making Money On Amazon Using Instagram Hashtag Traffic: Step 2 (Case Study)

The 1st Thing I Did Was Find A Source For Content….

On instagram you can search pretty easily for the keyword you want. the hashtag #amazonecho has 7,920 posts. Now this is great for content! The greatest thing on social media to me is the option to share content and legally be able to do it. Guys.. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CREATE CONTENT. IT IS ALREADY CREATED FOR THE PRODUCT!

Fill your page up with content. Share Videos, product pics, testimonials, funny memes about the amazon echo using apps like “Regram” “Repost” etc. Content is still king!

You will place the geniuslink you created into your bio link with a description similar to what your account is about. STOP SELLING!!

I learned how to make money on amazon without selling because i focused on building a community of people around my account. Not jamming ads down peoples throats!

Believe it or not this bio link gets clicked alot if you are consistent with posting relevant, fun content. The #amazonecho tag was just the start.


Drive Relevant Traffic To Your Account….

There are many apps you can use to drive traffic to your amazon based instagram account. I prefer apps like “Crowdfire”, “Trackgram” and “” has a good one also. You basically find the “Copy Followers” tab in any one of these apps and plug in the users name that you get from the hashtag feed on instagram and boom! You get all of the users followers in a list type of format and you can literally just follow as many people as you can. The app will stop you before a limit has been reached to keep from getting your account banned.

I got creative and followed users on similar tags like #ilovetechnology and #technologytuesdays basically any tag that would get me someone that would love the thought of owning an amazon echo back to my page.




Over the course of 1 day I followed 2900 users and that is all i did! Over the course of 1 week 461 people followed back. Of those as you can see above, 58 people clicked my geniuslink and 2 converted for a total of $9.47. But wait! The amazon echo has not had a sale yet. The question is..Does It really matter?


It would be nice but, If we are generating revenue anyway, then we are moving our business forward! These 2 Kindle E books were referred because they are known as “similar items” to the amazon echo. 3rd party means these could have been purchased through an app, 1 click billing, etc.

Furthermore If someone goes back and buys something in a 30, 60 or 90 day period you get credit for that also. The trick is to simply get users to “Click” the link by giving them high value content from whatever channel you choose to use for your promotions.

After that “Habit” takes over!

(Example: Getting massive clicks in November will get you a lot of related purchases because by habit people look to shop for deals this time of year!)

The average person these days shops on amazon or has shopped there at least once. Here is your proof!

I am thrilled to be able to show you my discovery so you can now use this strategy as the framework for you new money making instagram account!

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Michael Bartley

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