Newsletter Marketing Techniques That Made My First 1k Online

Newsletter Marketing Techniques That Made My First 1k Online


Newsletter marketing is 1 of the most effective ways to sell anything online. Don’t believe me? I would like to share 1 of my stories this morning that some may have heard but I know there are many that have not. When I started my online journey I quickly got frustrated over the daily work that had to be done, all the blogging, etc.

I’ll never forget doing countless hours on the computer only to see 1 commission here and there. Long story short..the Internet business is not as easy at it seems. Yes you can be motivated, but If you are not seeing any money or visible progress human nature will help to decrease your want to keep the momentum up.

All of the different types of businesses I did all had 1 thing in common. Email or as some call it newsletter marketing. I quickly found out that the reason most affiliate marketers fail is because they do not build lists. The average customer will not buy a product or service at 1st glance without more info on it in detail. Following up is a great strategy to incorporate in all your marketing efforts. You really are “leaving money on the table” so to speak.

Now On December 4th 2012 I was flown out to Jackson, Mississippi for a Class with Mr. Anthony Morrison, he is a millionaire marketer that travels the world and makes digital products that sell to millions of people. I received this opportunity as a result of being an active student in 1 of his previous courses. Did not make money from that..let me add. My persistence is what got me in the circle with successful marketers. After training with Anthony and learning how to effectively use email to advertise I was able to clear $1,032.41 in 1 day and also get 112 leads to my sales funnel to follow up with.

I Sat on this list for almost 6 months not using it. To my surprise there were active users still there and when i sent out mails it was like they were happy to hear from me! Opportunity knocked..My profits went from 1 time to all of the time payments. No matter what online avenue you choose this is universal and a skill that every marketer should learn. The course I took in 2012 has now been made into the Inbox Inner Circle course (starring me on a cameo showing real results) and is 1 of the most used newsletter marketing courses globally. Here is Mr. Anthony Morrison’s New Book for Email Profits! He has a Webinar coming up where he teaches and gives away money to the attendees for staying to the end etc. Why not right? After you go through 1 of his trainings you’ll see what I mean.

The Best part about this is not only do you learn about these great newsletter marketing techniques, you get to use them and use some of the best affiliate offers around from Anthony and his team! I’ve gotten numerous $100.00 Commissions using these products. If you are a publisher that has traffic you should definitely look into these offers. Very high paying and quality. I know because i actually use these products and strategies in my online business daily. To get into his network simply click here  

If you’ve looked at the short video then you know this is serious. Remove all doubt and learn the process. I can tell you firsthand you must follow instructions. Take your time to learn the system. Once you learn how to automate your tasks this becomes a piece of cake! The next shiny object won’t even interest you once you learn the universal business of newsletter marketing.


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