Peerfly Honest Review

Peerfly Honest Review

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I have been a PeerFly publisher for 4 years now. If you know anything about CPA and Affiliate marketing you’ve heard of PeerFly. Out of all the networks i applied to, PeerFly was by far the easiest private CPA network to get into.

I started on click bank and that is not the easiest way to start your online career. I realized quickly that CPA marketing was a cash cow and it would pay off to learn how to do it correctly.

Don’t think that because you don’t have a website you won’t get in. They take beginners which is a good thing if you’re reading this and you are one.

PeerFly also has a unique feature I don’t see on other networks. The “Cash Flow” option. This option allows you to choose how fast you want to receive your commissions payouts. For a percentage of course but hey you don’t have to settle for only a NET 30 option.


Peerfly Offers


I have tried numerous offers in numerous niches on the PeerFly network. The best option for beginners is to contact your affiliate manager “Lauren Hostert” because she is great at responding right back and providing you with the best offers to start off with. She even gives you the 411 on which traffic sources currently perform well with the offer giving you the blueprint to the money!

Do not underestimate offers with smaller payouts because they convert great. I can attest to it myself as I have had $800 to $1k payouts on offers that only paid out as little as 0.80 a conversion. It is all about traffic guys.

PeerFly Pros

Being a PeerFly publisher comes with some perks. The best thing to point out is that they do pay! So be confident in the fact of knowing you are not working for nothing. Her are some current stats current as of January 31st 2016.

peerfly pays!

They cover almost every vertical you could imagine including adult offers. You can really dig deep here. There is another network called the incentive network let’s you add that personal touch to those offers In particular.

Here are some of my favorite and useful tools from PeerFly.

  • The Banner Rotator – Rotates top performing offers by niche
  • Mobile money – redirects mobile users to highest converting mobile offer
  • Domain masking – use your own domain to mask your PeerFly link
  • Browser extension that shows real time commission reporting.
  • Recommendation Emails from the AM (Affiliate Manager)
  • Luke Klings affiliate blog for PeerFly publishers (has tutorials, walkthrough strategy, etc)
  • They really Payout!

These are just some of the things I love about the PeerFly network. Of course there are some things to note about this network that you must know.

PeerFly Cons

Now you must be careful about how you drive traffic to a PeerFly offer. Make sure you look at the restrictions on each offer BEFORE running it. 1 of the drawbacks to this CPA network is that If you violate the terms of service they will not reinstate you if your account gets suspended. I’ve seen it happen first hand.

Another is that you will not be able to slap an affiliate link on twitter or Facebook unless you are using the paid platform only. Classified ad traffic sources like craigslist are also prohibited so please read before you start a campaign.

I definetly suggest learning how to make a landing page if you don’t know how to yet. It is an essential skill that will pay off big on the long run. I use instabuilder to make my landers very quick and easy.

There are some other private CPA networks that have less restrictions on traffic but are of course harder to get into depending on your skill level and experience. Eventually you will be good enough to just fill out an app and go from there.

Every network has its good and bad parts to it but peerflys quality offers and amazing service is what keeps them at the top of the food chain in regard to affiliate networks.

On the other hand though PeerFly has exclusive offers you won’t find elsewhere and I have done the research as I am a member of over 15 CPA networks.

In my opinion I’d say sign up now to become a publisher or advertiser if you havent yet and yes let’s give a round of applause for PeerFly!


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