Viral Optins WordPress Plugin Review

Hi everyone! Today I would like to welcome one of my good friends on to guest post blog a little about a viral optins product that she’s been using to build her list 3x faster than the average marketer. When i run across opportunities like this i share it, because YOU cannot benefit from something you never knew about 🙂


I definetly think this plugin is a good fit for a newbie marketer. Without a list this industry can get a bit…frustrating. A good list can take your whole business to the next level and this quick synopsis will show you exactly what you need to do to start getting optins in a way that might be new to you, but is necessary to learn as marketing strategy often changes. My job is to keep you up to speed with all of the freshest “tips & tricks” With that said I thank Ms. Lana Moore for her contribution to your success!

One of the best “Viral Optins” WordPress Plugins to Increase Your E-mail Subscribers, Hike Your Site Traffic, and Get Optimized Backlinks!


The Viral Optins WordPress Plugin is one of the best plugins for online marketers. This is an unbelievably low-priced, Must-Have, plugin which, literally, will increase your email signups, generate quality backlinks, and increase site traffic… all on autopilot.


The Viral Optins WordPress Plugin grows your email list, website traffic, and backlinks by telling your website’s guests to share a unique opt-in link ahead of them downloading your free offer.

When the set number of signups from the unique link is met, the sharing visitor is granted the freebie from your website and the cycle begins all over again with the new visitors who clicked through the shared link. You get hyperlinks/backlinks, new traffic, and a rising email list from one plugin.

Now, I honestly think that if you set a high number of unique opt-ins from guests sharing the link (I think 7 is high), you’ll find it a headache to get visitors to share, thus not seeing the traffic and list spike you’d like.

For those marketers who decide to make use of the Viral Optins WordPress Plugin, it will drive them (us) to have better freebies, instead of the basic fluff and motivational jargon.

I’m already working on a straight forward, hardcore, no-holds-barred freebie that will grab my visitor’s attention and get them to share my links.

I believe if you set the Viral Optins WordPress Plugin to 2-3 shared link sign-ups, alongside an excellent freebie, you’ll then see the type of traffic, list spike, and backlinking the plugin’s makers promise.

If you would like more info on viral optins training, or on just Lana Moore and what she does in entirety please check her out here:




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